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Why a virtual conference?

Our board of directors had many discussions about having the 2021 conference and sent out a member survey to get members' opinions about attending an in-person conference.

The unpredictable nature of COVID-19 and our government's swift actions to combat the virus can result in closed borders and put entire states, cities, or suburbs on lockdown. We cannot guarantee to hold an event in-person and provide the experience we want for our members.

Though we love seeing everyone in 3D and meeting new people, we will save those moments for another time and focus on keeping people safe while moving forward with our objective of disseminating behaviour analysis in Australia

Missed our Conference Announcement? 

Check our blog for more information about our Virtual Conference  and see our Members' survey results


Check out our conference program: 2021 Annual Conference Program.pdf

Conference Theme: Behaviour Analysis in Australia Diverse and Relevant

This year's program is designed to attract a wider audience and get the most out of the options that come with a virtual format, so be prepared for a different experience.  A virtual conference will give ABA Australia members and anyone else interested worldwide a unique opportunity to participate in the annual conference.

 Presentations will be scheduled across the whole month of July 2021.

With the extended schedule, we hope to mitigate the fatigue of engaging in online sessions for an entire day and optimize engagement despite time zone differences. 

Don't worry if you can't find time to squeeze in all the presentations during July; we will have all presentations available on-demand until the end of August 2021. 

 Live-Streamed and Prerecorded Presentations

We will have a mix of live-streamed (which will be available later on-demand) presentations and prerecorded presentations to showcase ABA's diversity and allow our attendees to receive education in areas that might not be that common.

Our live sessions will be held once a week during July.

Invited Speakers

We are in the process of securing a number of speakers, so far we have secure presentations on sex education, token economies, technology in classrooms, parent training, ABA in the Middle East, ethical considerations  in FBAs, and companion animal beahviour.

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About the ABA Australia Annual Conference

The ABA Australia annual conference is the leading annual event for those working in behaviour analysis across Australia. The annual conference is organised for a wide range of behaviour analytic communities to exchange ideas and experiences. We are looking forward to welcoming all authors of accepted papers, members of ABA Australia, and anybody else interested in learning about using science to change behaviour. 

Why attend ABA Australia Virtual Conference?

  • It has been way too long since we have shown the spotlight on what is going on in ABA in Australia. 
  • We can pay it forward to our friends and colleagues in low-income countries. By having a virtual conference, we can offer free registration to attendees from low-income countries. 
  • We can offer more sessions and activities at your fingertips. The virtual conference program will run all of July plus another 30 days of on-demand access. Join us anytime, in any time zone! 
  • Our annual virtual conference will offer most of the traditional ABA Australia conference elements at a reduced cost. No air or hotel costs make this virtual conference affordable for all. 
  • Best of all, show up in your pajamas!

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We know you're eager to present so don't hesitate to make a submission to our virtual conference

Looking for presentations, symposiums, and panel discussions

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Future Networking Events

We are planning on hosting small in-person events in each state and territory. We hope that this will allows members to connect in a safe 'old-fashioned' manner.

These days will be in September and October 2021. We will announce the dates and how to register for these events in a few months.

We can say that these will be 1-day events where we will host a round-table discussion on pressing topics to Australian behaviour analysts, presentations, and a poster session to showcase your research or excellent clinical case study. 

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