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Increase access to vital therapy for families with autism, Down syndrome, and speech delays by implementing Gemiini’s evidence-based, on-demand therapy. As access to therapy is an ongoing issue throughout rural Australia and the world, traditional face-to-face therapies cannot keep up with demand, nor the costs. Our video modeling platform eliminates wait times to start much-needed therapy, automates lesson planning for exceptional learners and delivers anywhere/anytime convenience for parents and learners.

Gemiini embraces NDIS’s lifetime approach of investing in people with disability early to improve their outcomes later in life. At Gemiini, we are taking meaningful steps to impact lives with special needs; Engaging special needs members at every age and stage of life to increase speech, language, reading, life, and social skills so they can live a better life; Also working with our partners and communities in a shared mission to improve outcomes and reduce costs; Empowering learners to live life understood.
Gemiini used a unique type of video modeling therapy called Discrete Video Modeling, or DVM. DVM breaks words and ideas into short, understandable bites by eliminating distractions. Repetition, AV pairing, and context increase retention. DVM supports the way our brains work. DVM presents each concept as a discrete learning bite – without unnecessary information or distractions. Using a multi-view approach, the learner is exposed repeatedly to a word or concept in three contexts.

Visit gemiini.org/solutions/australia to learn more and how to start using this evidence-based supplemental tool in your current practice today.

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CUSP ABA is an early intervention provider that works directly with parents. Our team is highly educated, and we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of ABA and autism.  We keep our teams and client base small in order to provide high quality services, directly to the parents, who we know can make the most impact in the child’s lives.

Giving parents access to highly qualified staff, means the parent can collaborate more often with the program designer to work on real life functional learning opportunities, in the natural environment.  When parents are trained and coached on how to stimulate those learning opportunities, in their own environment, we see great results.

Empowering the parent with these skills, allows the parent to generalise their own ability, to problem solve novel learning opportunities. At CUSP ABA we endeavour to empower parents in every aspect of their child’s program and require a commitment to track their own child’s progress, by using a simple data tracking format.

We aim to break down the technical terminology into easy to understand, everyday language so that parents can hit the ground running, without having to focus on the academic side of behaviour analysis.

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At Early Autism Services we are passionate about the potential of your child and believe that the best way to develop that potential is through proactive, individualised programs and intervention based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

Our qualified staff work hand-in-hand with families, teachers and allied health professionals to maximise outcomes for your child. Our team comprises Board Certified Behaviour Analysts, behaviour therapists and caring individuals who are committed to helping children with autism and other developmental disabilities achieve their optimal potential across various domains.

We have branches in Melbourne, USA, India and soon in Brisbane and Sydney.

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AEIOU Foundation for children with autism

AEIOU Foundation is a leading provider of early intervention therapies and specialised care for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). AEIOU provides evidence-based therapy, education and care which supports children’s needs and strengths to help them reach individual goals, gain independence and confidence, and live their best lives.

AEIOU is family-focused and works closely with parents and carers to help them better understand autism, their child’s needs and how they can scaffold their child’s learning at home and in the community.

Operating from 10 locations, AEIOU enrols children aged 2 to 6 years.



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Sponsorship Opportunities

For the first time, the Association for Behaviour Analysis Australia (ABA Australia) annual conference will be delivered as a virtual event. Join us as we celebrate the diversity that the behaviour analysis has to offer Australia.

As we adjust to a world changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, this important event will allow professionals from all over Australia and beyond to connect, share knowledge and learn about the latest developments in our field.

ABA Australia invites our industry partners to join us as sponsors for the 2021 virtual annual conference. The one month long event, happening 1 -31 July, will be an opportunity to connect your company to leading decision-makers in Australia's community of behaviour analysts.

Build Your Network

ABA Australia’s annual conferences attract hundreds of practitioners, researchers, educators and students who will shape the future of the sector. If you are looking to gain brand exposure within the industry and build relationships with professionals working in this sector, our annual conference is the perfect place to connect!

Promotion beyond the event via social media and email will highlight your company to our thousands of members and followers. We welcome organisations who offer hardware, software, internet activities, distance and blended learning, educational technology and other products and services of interest to behaviour analysts, ABA business owners, educators, and supervisors, as well as professional development professionals in ABA.

Reasons to sponsor

If you are looking to play a larger role in the ABA industry, sponsoring the annual conference is a great way to place your organisation at the forefront of delegates’ minds.

Show your commitment to the industry – support the community that supports your business.

Launch a new product, service or marketing campaign – with the undivided attention of your target audience, there is no better way to make a splash!

Promote new services or demonstrate

sponsorship levels

We have five levels of sponsorship available for the conference.

Rate - $3000
Count - $2000
Duration - $1500
Partial Interval - $1000
Momentary Time Sample - $400

Should the following options not meet your needs or budget, there is also the opportunity to create a personally tailored package. We encourage anyone interested in gaining exposure through the annual conference to contact events@auaba.com.au.

Early confirmation of your sponsorship will ensure a higher level of exposure.

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