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Level: Student Membership

Membership Description: Any individual enrolled in an academic degree program, internship, or resident
program leading to a degree in ABA or a related discipline (i.e., other natural science, education, clinic, counselling, or school psychology, clinical
social work, occupational therapy, speech/language therapy, engineeri
ng, or medicine), and/or enrolled in a BACB-approved program to meet course
requirements for BACB certification. Verification of student status must be provided by an administrator or faculty member of the program that the student is enrolled.

Student Members are entitled to:
-vote for a student representative to the Board;
-be eligible to be a student representative to the Board;
-receive notice of, attend, and speak at a general meeting of the Association;
-take part in various activities organised by the Association
-receive such membership benefits as are determined from time to time by the Board that apply to Student Members.

The student representative to the Board is entitled to receive notice of, attend and speak at meeting of the Board but is not a Director. Other than the right to vote set out in clause 8.5(b)(i) of the constitution.

Student Members have no rights to vote at any general meeting.

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