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ABA Australia committees are comprised of members who volunteer their time, knowledge, and enthusiasm to help ABA Australia achieve the many projects we have tasked ourselves to help disseminate behaviour analysis across Australia.

All committees are overseen by the Head of Committees who coordinates any activities that require collaboration between committees and act as intermediary between the committees and the board of directors.

If you are interested in joining any of our committees, you will need to be a current member of ABA Australia and fill out the expression of interest.

NDIS Committee

Responsible for keeping up to date on all changes and policies relating to the NDIS. This committee will create resources to assist members to justify funding (e.g., intensive ABA), provide updates on NDIS changes via the Facebook page, and inform the board of any opportunities to petition for changes that would benefit the membership. They will also assist with putting together the information needed when these opportunities arise.

Social Committee

Each state has their own group who organise state events (e.g., reading nights) and provide advertising to the social media committee. ABA Australia supports these events through advertising and assistance with planning as needed. Social committee may explore options for future social events that could be offered to members beyond the current reading nights.

Social Media Committee

Responsible for managing the social media sites for ABA Australia. Posting information provided by other committees and the board, ensuring Buffer is up to date with new material, writing posts, sourcing materials to post, and ensuring all ABA Australia events are posted.

Membership Committee

Responsible for managing the membership area of the website, identifying and developing member benefits and resources in collaboration with other committees, and managing member advertising. This committee will conduct annual surveys of the members to ensure that we are in touch with their needs and provide a report to the board so that committees can action as appropriate.

Conference Committee

Responsible for planning and organising the annual conference, managing the budget, organising marketing, speakers, and all other activities related to running a conference. This committee will provide the newsletter committee with a summary of the event for the September newsletter and coordinate with the social media committee for advertising prior to the event and posting throughout the conference.

Future Planning Committee

Responsible for exploring options for disseminating ABA to Australia and establishing our footprint here. Work groups will cover activities including providing resources for allied health professionals, moving towards national regulation of behaviour support, tertiary options, and immigration VISA skilled occupations list.

Newsletter Committee

Responsible for the development of a triannual newsletter to be sent out to the members every January, May, and September. They will be responsible to organising content, writing content, sourcing content from other members, and proofing the newsletter before submitting it to the board to be sent to the members. They will also assist with providing some written pieces for the social media committee.


This is a newly formed committee whose purpose to set up a national regulation for behaviour analysts using a self-regulation model. If you are interested in volunteering on this specific committee in one of the work groups please fill out this expression of interest



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