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Sydney Social Club March 2019 Summary

On Monday, 4.3.19, the Sydney social club met up for lively discussion on parent and caregiver training. Below find a list of the articles discussed and the take home points from the discussion.
Articles we discussed:
  • Lerman, D. C., LeBlanc, L. A., & Valentino, A. L. (2015). Evidence-based application of staff and caregiver training procedures. In Clinical and organizational applications of applied behavior analysis (pp. 321-351). Academic Press.
  • Allen, K. D., & Warzak, W. J. (2000). The problem of parental nonadherence in clinical behavior analysis: Effective treatment is not enough. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis33(3), 373-391.
  • Miles, N. I., & Wilder, D. A. (2009). The effects of behavioral skills training on caregiver implementation of guided compliance. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis42(2), 405-410.
  • Pennefather, J., Hieneman, M., Raulston, T. J., & Caraway, N. (2018). Evaluation of an online training program to improve family routines, parental well-being, and the behavior of children with autism. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders54, 21-26.
  • Crone, R. M., & Mehta, S. S. (2016). Parent training on generalized use of behavior analytic strategies for decreasing the problem behavior of children with autism spectrum disorder: A data-based case study. Education and Treatment of Children39(1), 64-94.
Take home points:
  • Parent training should include principles of behaviour not just individual strategies for a single scenario.
  • Using visual prompts/checklists supports parents better and improves procedural integrity.
  • There are many competing contingencies for parents- we discussed this primarily in relation to implementing extinction and how to teach parents to shape behaviour if they cannot do a complete extinction procedure. 
  • Where possible, align treatment goals and implementation with parental values and committed action (ACT) 
  • Determine possible reinforcers for parents- whether these are immediate outcomes, feedback from ABA staff, graphing improvements in their child’s behaviour, long term outcomes (e.g, participation at family events)


    1. Hi Scott, As of right now, I’ll say, “it depends” 🙂 The Sydney group meets in a pub, so it would be if a member wants to use their personal data to skype someone in. Maybe if another city wants to join and it is at a clinic or work place, then Skype might be an option. We’ll keep you posted on that.

  1. Federico

    I want to know if the RBT (Regestered Behavior Technician) is recognised in Australia.

    1. Hello,
      Unfortunately, there is government recognition of the RBT. However, providers and consumers of behaviour analytic services do see the value in a person certified as an RBT.

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