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ABAA Launch

Hello Everyone!

We want to welcome everyone to the beginning of a very exciting time for behaviour analytic practitioners, researchers, teachers, and families in the Australia. The creation of the Association for Behaviour Analysis Australia (ABAA) means a new avenue for the dissemination of our science to families and systems in need of our empirically-based treatments.  We look forward to working with all current and future Australian behaviour analysts to create an association that will disseminate scientific standards across all areas of behaviour analysis.

The association has been a long time coming; it has taken over a year and a half to develop and get off the ground. One of our biggest setbacks was getting our constitution approved by a solicitor. We were extremely fortunate to get this work done pro-bono; however, this did extend the time frame for our association to get off the ground. We have put in the grunt work to make sure that this association was set up properly and are now an officially recognised association by ASIC.

We want to invite you to join ABAA to establish a community of behaviour analysts and people who want to learn more about the science of behaviour change. We want you to help establish and build the resources to disseminate behaviour analytic information to the public, provide professional development to our practitioners, and give an outlet for behaviour analytic researchers to disseminate their information.

Through this new network of behaviour analysts we feel we can develop an excellent conference that promotes national research, invited speakers, student involvement, opportunities for continued education credits for BCBAs/BCaBAs, and support for individuals seeking information about board certification in behaviour analysis.

We have established a board of directors and are now looking for people to get involved in various committees. Some people have already mentioned that they are interested and we remember who you are! So if you are interested in being involved, we would greatly appreciate any support you can provide. The aim of our committees is to provide continuous improvement within the organisation as well as improving behaviour analysis throughout Australia. The committees are:

  • Public relations
  • Conference development
  • Newsletter
  • Website/social media
  • Funding

If you think of another area to be addressed, please let us know and we can discuss your ideas.

We believe that our association will be a great benefit to our communities as well as the field of behaviour analysis by promoting our science and working together to advocate for the rights or our professionals and clients. We are looking forward to working with each of you and are excited to see ABAA grow into a well recognised association in our field.

Warm Regards,

ABAA Board Members