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Remember to sign up to the Supervisor Workshop!!

For those interested in attending my upcoming workshop on December 4-5, I have attached some preliminary readings.  A Leisurely Look At Worthy Performance is the first two chapters of an excellent book by Tom Gilbert.  Pay attention, especially, to the initial story of Barton Hogg.  The distinction between behavior and results (activity and product), performance and accomplishment has proven to be very useful in the work of improving human service organizations. Solving Performance Problems is a very short description of what I call The PARSE Process for Solving Performance Problems. It has proven useful in improving the performance of clients, staff, and organizations.

If you are planning to attend, please don’t wait much longer to register, as I need to know how many workbooks and sets of practice cards to print.

See you soon I hope,

Guy Bruce, Ed. D; BCBA-D

6-A Leisurely Look 13-25