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Q: How can I become a Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA)?

Currently, there is no certification process in Australia. To become a BCBA you will need to visit the Behavior Analyst Certification B0ard (BACB) website:


The BACB provides information on the courses you need to do, which universities teach them, and the required number of supervised experience hours. You will have to complete post graduate work in the field of behaviour analysis and obtain a supervision from an approved supervisor.

Q: Is the BCBA recognised in Australia?

The BCBA qualification is internationally recognised. But, as a BCBA in Australia you cannot get a Medicare or private health provider number. ABA Australia is in the process of working on achieving recognition of the BCBA as an allied health provider in Australia.

Q: Does ABA Australia provide supervision?

No. If you want to find a BCBA who provides supervision in your state go to the BACB website and search for a BCBA under the ‘Find/Contact Certifiants’ button.

Q: Can I post a job advertisement on this website?

Yes, we are currently in the process of adding this feature to our website. Please check back soon for more details.

Q: Is there a university BCBA course offered in Australia?

Monash University will be offering a course in 2018.

As well the BACB website have a list of international universities that provide the courses online. All course fees will vary and please contact the university for this information.

Q: How do I get on the mailing list?

Please go to the contact us page of our website and enter your details.

Q: What should I do if my credit card does not work?

Email us at admin@auaba.com.au and we can help to fix this issue.

Q: Which membership category should I select?

Please review our ‘membership’ page on our website for the criteria for each type of membership.

Q: Can ABA Australia sponsor or assist with my VISA application?

The association does not sponsor BCBA’s or BCaBA’s to work in Australia, nor do we assist with any visa application requirements. If you would like to work in Australia, search the ABA communities in the state that you would like to live in and contact them directly about job opportunities at their company. For visa requirements, go to the department of immigration website:



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