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A Tough Start to a New Year

6 Jan 2020 8:39 AM | Anonymous

A tough start to a new year

We want to start by saying we are devastated to see the destruction caused by the astronomical number of bushfires across the country. Please, everyone, stay safe during these times and listen to the Rural Fire Service's warnings and recommendations. These bushfires are affecting all of us, and we need to support each other during this environmental disaster and look at how we influence climate change with behavioural science. But for now, we say focus on staying safe. 

Global Certification

Many of you are aware of the shocking announcement by the BACB on New Year's Eve for us. A horrible day for all Australia that will forever be remembered due to the horrific bushfires but also for the behaviour analytic community as the day we found out our certification was in limbo. ABA Australia is dedicated to supporting its members and the practice of ABA in Australia. We are finding out information at the same time as all of you. We will provide updates on the news to try to make sense of what has been said and what we plan to do. Here is what we can tell you:


  • Over the past year, ABA Australia has started discussions on how to start the national certification process for behaviour analysts (BAs) in Australia. We established a work group to start the process of figuring out how to do this. This project is still in its infancy. We are excited to hear the number of people willing to help in this area. In the coming weeks, we will present you with a more concrete plan and how you can best help.
  • If you have not already, please join the International Behaviour Analyst group on Facebook.This group is for BAs world-wide to voice concerns and share information. This group has developed a short survey for you to fill out about ABA practices and profession in your own country. Please fill out as this information be passed on to the BACB.
  • Make sure to read and re-read the BACB website page on global certification. They have some questions and answers to the concerns of BCBAs. From our understanding, those questions seem to get updated (changed or questions/answers added) from time-to-time, so please continue to monitor.
  • ABAI was in the dark, like the rest of us. They sent an email out on 4/1/20 stating their position on the matter. They also sent a survey out to their members, asking how ABAI can help. If you are an ABAI member, please read that email and respond to the survey. If you are not an ABAI member, they posted the email to their facebook page.

We will make it out of this, the timeline is tight, and it would be nice to see the BACB expand it another few years to make it a little easier. Learning about the science of behaviour is to help people improve their lives, and people still need help. Keep up your studies during this time, seek supervision to become a better behaviour analyst; these things will not change, all that is changing is who will give you that stamp of approval.


Stay Safe,
ABA Australia Board of Directors





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